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Joy Captured

One of the keys to truly great photos with little kids- is to just not stress. I know how hard that is. I have little kids, and I often schedule my own family pictures with other photographers so to remind myself just how chaotic it can feel on the other side. Honestly, a kid can't ruin your session. They are who they are- and are just full of emotion. What makes a beautiful session is how we (the parents) react to whatever emotion the child is displaying. They only want snuggles? Then snuggle them. They want to play? Then play with them. We can't really force them to capture a certain emotion we may want displayed most in the photos, but we can force ourselves to smile and just enjoy the part of them we get in that hour of a session.

I truly love this beautiful session. I come back to just look at it often. The kids were ENERGETIC, and I was exhausted at the end trying to keep up with them haha. But the parents matched that energy and it made the pictures just jam packed with joy and love.

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