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In-home Newborn Session- Virginia Beach

Last year for my birthday, I bought myself a gift. It was the first birthday that my mom was not here to celebrate with me, and her absence was so acutely felt. Mom was big on birthdays-especially when it came to celebrating her girls. So a few weeks before, I decided that mom would want me to give a gift to myself. A gift from her. So I went big, and bought my first medium format film camera. I knew it was going to be learning curve, so I decided to take a few classes and took lots and lots of pictures of my kiddos.

The first session I brought it to was Hayden's. I left thinking that that roll wouldn't even be worth the money of developing. Not because it wasn't a beautiful session- it was one of those sessions you just know is going to be a forever favorite. But just because I didn't feel like I had got my settings right.

Fast forward to now, I find a roll of film that I couldn't remember ever using. So I threw it into the box of other rolls that I was already sending to the lab and was happily surprised to see some absolutely gorgeous images returned from this session from last year. It just goes to show to expect the unexpected. And maybe, to not expect so little of yourself.

I've been meaning to blog about this session for quite some time, but am so glad that I waited until now! Can you tell which ones are film?

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